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Gift of Sight

Many people who are blind do not need to be. Essentially, millions of people around the world are needlessly blind because they do not have access to simple surgery or treatment that could save their sight. Too often, for those living in poorer communities, going blind means losing their chance to go to school, working or living independently.

Gift of Knowledge works across the world’s poorest countries to prevent avoidable blindness and restore sight.

Blindness and Visual Impairment in the World
  • 43 million people worldwide are blind, while 295 million are visually impaired. The vast majority live in developing countries.
  • A significant number of blindness is caused by cataract, where the lens of the eyes become cloudy. Cataracts can be treated with simple surgery, which costs as little as £24 for an adult or £95 for a child.
  • Other conditions that can cause blindness are glaucoma, retinal diseases, trachoma and Vitamin A deficiency that occur frequently in the developing world.
  • Higher rates of depression and anxiety as well as lower levels of workforce involvement are as a direct result of visual impairments in adults.


Gift of Knowledge saves sight in the poorest places of the world by:

  • £Treating blinding diseases such as river blindness and trachoma. Medicines to treat these diseases can cost as little as 16p

    Enabling adults and children to access sight-restoring cataract surgery, including through outreach camps in remote places

  • £Training specialist doctors, nurses and other health workers to identify and treat eye conditions, and equipping hospitals appropriately

    Supporting screening programmes that identify people who need help and enable them to access treatment

  • £Supporting government agencies in countries where we operate to establish long-term eye health services

  • £Providing glasses and low vision devices to the visually impaired

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