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Gift of Iman – Education Programme

Faith or spirituality is one of the fundamental personality traits human beings are gifted with. Every human being has his or her own unique culture which should be nurtured and accommodated so that they are able to be true and authentic to themselves.There are millions of refugees around the world in refugee camps and, at present, nearly half are children with most struggling to access basic services like health, education and housing.


How we help

  • £We provide scholarships to children

  • £We encourage an environment that will foster a love of Islam

  • £We provide financial provisions to help with food, shelter and health check-ups.

  • £

Benefit Benefit

Let's make a change


Gift of Health

People in poor communities are much more likely to be disabled than those living in wealthier parts of the world. One of the main reasons is they are at much greater risk of diseases or conditions that can cause disability.


Gift of Shelter

A person’s house is his castle. Housing and shelter are a basic human right and essential gifts of life that everyone should have.


Gift of Education

Being a Muslim requires certain obligations to be fulfilled. What is the best and preferred opinions, only through learning one can take an informed and wise decision.