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Imam CPD Scholarship


Imams, scholars and teachers are at the forefront in the Muslim community and society at large in providing key services. The Imam CPD Scholarship provides much needed support to existing imams and scholars to upskill and attain qualifications and certifications which will better help them serve the community and their respective congregations or students.

Through our own experiences and journey - as well as pooling together the knowledge and assistance of others - we provide a comprehensive plan to support the candidate to achieve the best outcome. This may be assisting individuals in their career development plan, mentoring or coaching to enable them to be outstanding in what they do. 


Criteria for Funding

  • Be Proactive, confident and talented
  • Minimum of 21 years of age or above
  • Must be a graduate from an Islamic institution
  • Be either a full or part time imam of a mosque
  • If not in a current imam post, he/she should be making positive contributions in other areas and would like to enhance their skills
  • Be able to demonstrate that the selected course to study will help carry out applicant’s profession more efficiently


Gift of Knowledge support throughout the awardees journey

  • Financial scholarship support (the exact amount will depend on the course and individual circumstances)
  • Facilitate short courses on various topics to help applicants in their development. *Please refer to the Short Courses table
  • Termly one-to-one mentoring and review with the awardee
The Imam CPD Scholarship also applies to developing countries such as Bangladesh, Ghana, India, Pakistan, Kenya, Indonesia and others. 


Our Recent Scholarship Awardees

Reece Byfield
Muhammad Kazi
Ghilman Ali
Fatima Rashid
Gehad Hasanin
Ahmed Estesham Uddin