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Our Scholarships


Shariah Scholarships

Seeking knowledge is a journey beyond boundaries. It involves the opportunity for a person to seek knowledge in different countries with traditional scholars, go through various hardships yet upon returning home, they gladly attend to the need of the community and society at large, whether through teaching, dawah work, leading prayers or inspiring the youth to practice their faith.


PhD Scholarships

The Gift of Knowledge PhD Research Scholarship aims to support and encourage the brightest and best in our community. The pursuing of education and research will advance communities intellectually and present Islam in the context of society in the West.


Children Scholarships

Education can help children prosper in life. Gift of Knowledge also offers child scholarships to impoverished talented children in developing countries to help them reach their highest potential and gain success in all aspects of life.


Revert Scholarships

Although embracing Islam is an overwhelming experience of jubilation and joy, revert Muslims often face significant challenges during their journey. From being rejected by family and friends to dealing with becoming a part of a new and diverse community are common challenges. This can often be burdensome and lead to disillusionment with Islam.


Imam CPD Scholarship

Imams, scholars and teachers are at the forefront in the Muslim community and society at large in providing key services. The Imam CPD Scholarship provides much needed support to existing imams and scholars to upskill and attain qualifications and certifications which will better help them serve the community and their respective congregations or students.

Through our own experiences and journey - as well as pooling together the knowledge and assistance of others - we provide a comprehensive plan to support the candidate to achieve the best outcome. This may be assisting individuals in their career development plan, mentoring or coaching to enable them to be outstanding in what they do. 


Our Recent Scholarship Awardees

Reece Byfield
Muhammad Kazi
Ghilman Ali
Fatima Rashid
Gehad Hasanin
Ahmed Estesham Uddin