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Youth Executive Leadership Programme (YELP)

The Youth Executive Leadership Programme (YELP) is designed for college and university students with high potential leadership acumen. This flagship 4-day residential leadership program offers a unique blend of thought leadership, practical application, and personal development that equips the youth to make a significant impact in their lives, professional and social career, and society.

This programme will enhance the ability to lead with confidence, credibility and authenticity. It will help to evaluate participants' own unique personality traits and self-awareness and enable them to manage the complexities and the competitive nature of modern society. The participants will be engaged by expert grassroots leaders with significant experience in educational, community and professional-organisational leadership.

Each graduate of the Youth Leadership Executive Programme will have the opportunity to work on an impactful project of their choosing, or one will be cocreated with them. Gift Foundation will guide the leaders to develop the project from A-Z and plan to execute them.


Building Positive Relationships

Only through personal relationships can a sense of individual responsibility be re-established, giving young leaders the commitment to follow through on the path to adulthood with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

The program's goal is to identify youths who are transitioning to adulthood and offer a positive support system to avoid the pitfalls that can derail their lives.

Through the combination of experiential learning and skills-based development, young people can learn and develop the following skills and qualities with Young Leaders:


Emotional Wellbeing

Has a state of balance in thoughts, emotions and behaviours that allows feeling good enough about life and supports the ability to fully function.


Effective Communication

Can relate and engage with others with an open and warm attitude. Asks questions that show understanding and conveys information clearly and concisely, taking the audience into account.



Has good levels of self-esteem, is willing to ask questions and can work with minimal support.



Understands how to present oneself in different environments. Understands the requirements of work and diverse careers.

Organisational skills
Financial management

Four days of programme will cover key components of leadership skills. This includes the following programme:

Qualities of good leaders and the 21st-century leader: Participants will be encouraged to consider what qualities make up good leaders and leadership and measure their own performance/qualities against an agreed standard.

A discussion will be held regarding leaders being born versus being created

Discussion around traditional and contemporary theories on leadership:

  • Leadership traits
  • Leadership behaviour
  • Leadership styles
  • Contemporary theories
  • The role of followers in leadership

Emotional Intelligence:

A series of reflective and self-exploratory exercises designed to make participants more self-aware and aware of others.
Theory and model:

  • Knowing yourself
  • Managing yourself
  • Knowing others
  • Managing others

Personal Constructs:

Participants are guided through exercises designed to make them aware of the filters and lenses through which they view and interpret the world. Based on the assumption that 'you do not understand what you see - you see what you understand.'


Self-esteem tree:

Participants are guided through an exercise exploring successes in their private, work, community and leadership lives. They are encouraged to identify the reasons for achievement, available resources, and supporters.

Resources include: Daniel Goleman

Conflict and negotiation:

Participants will identify their preferred conflict-handling technique using the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI). By accurately measuring and modelling an individual's behaviour in conflict situations, the instrument helps open discussions about personal and group dynamics.

Five conflict-handling modes are discussed, and participants will be given the knowledge to analyse a conflict situation and determine how to handle it positively and productively.

Discussions around conflict and change management, leadership development, performance improvement, team and relationship building, and understanding situations and skills in handling these competently.

Negotiation skills and an understanding of the difference between conflict resolution and management and positions versus issues are covered.


Fees tree:

The four-day programme is held at top venues with all the modern amenities.


Includes accommodation, food, ethical leadership programme certification.

Limited number of Full scholarships available.

50% discount available to those who are eligible.

It is open to male and female. Islamic etiquettes will be maintained throughout the 4 day.


The Youth Executive Leadership Programme is a professional developmental programme. We want to inspire our young leaders to become producers of innovative ideas, projects and technologies, and not just be consumers while remaining faithful to their values and faith.

What else will the graduates and attendees receive:

1. One to one coaching and mentoring - where appropriate and possible.

2. Free access to some coaching and counselling courses which, if all the levels are completed, prepare for certification and accreditation with a mainstream counselling body, as well as Islamic body - subject to terms and conditions.

3. Free access to some structured Islamic courses - subject to terms and conditions.

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